Ordinance Enforcement

The ordinance/code enforcement department is responsible for the enforcement of blight control and noxious weeds, zoning ordinances and zoning regulations. The ordinance enforcement division is available to take your complaints via phone at 269-684-0870, ext. 117 or in person at the general office located at 320 Bell Road.

Procedure for ordinance complaints: 

  1. Phone our office (269) 684-0870 ext. 117 or stop by the Township Hall (320 Bell Road) with the address of the violation within the Niles Charter Township community.
  2. A written complaint form will be taken with details of the suspected violation. A property inspection will take place and notification made to the property owner and/or occupant.    
  3. If violations exist owner/occupant has ten days to correct the violation. 
  4. If violation is not corrected, a ticket (civil infraction citation) may be issued and the violator will have to appear in court.  Fines may be assessed for each day the violation exists.

Who do I call for a complaint?

Please call (269) 684-0870 extension 117 to leave a message.

How do we handle complaints?

Niles Township makes every attempt to work with property owners/occupants to correct violations. We understand that sometimes you may be unaware of Township regulations and/or need additional time to address the issues.  However, our intent is to protect the health, safety and welfare of ALL residents; although we are willing to work with our residents, progress must occur and be visible in order to avoid citations being issued.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this regard.