Online Payments

How do I pay my property taxes and utility bills online?

Niles Township uses Point & Pay for residents to pay both, property taxes and utility bills online or by phone.  Point & Pay accepts payments made by E-Check, Debit Card and the following Credit Cards:

           American Express

                                                       To pay by phone please call:

                 (There is a $5.00 convenience fee to pay over the phone, plus 3% to process the payment)

Point & Pay has the following convenience fee schedule:

Type of Payment   Payment Amount   Fee
     Phone Assistance             Any Amount       $5.00   (plus 3% of payment)
ECheck   Up to $10,000   $3.00
ECheck   Over $10,000   $10.00
    Credit or Debit Card        through website   Any Amount   3% of Payment, Min of $2.00
               To pay online please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to: 
2. You will now be at page for Niles Township.  Go to  the left side of the page where it says ACCOUNT. Click Register.  You  will now be at a page where you will create an account which protects  your identity.  You will only need to create one account to pay your  taxes or utility bills.

3. Once registered you will have two options.  Option #1 is that you are  the homeowner and there is no fee to access your information.  Option  #2 allows you to access any parcel information in Niles Township  however there is a $2.00 per parcel fee each time you access it. Once  signed in you will be prompted to enter an address for the property  that you want to search information on or you can pay taxes or utilities  bills.  You can search by address, name or parcel number by clicking  the arrow (drop down menu) next to where it says; search by address.
4. Click on the property address you want search information on or pay  taxes or utility bills.  You will now be at the page that has the property  information displayed.  There will be three tabs:  Property Information,  Tax Information and Utility Information.  If you want to pay taxes click  on the Tax Information tab.  If you want to pay utility bills click on the  Utility Bill Info tab.  
5. You will now be at the Tax Information or Utility Bill Information page  and you will see to the right the dollar amount due in a pink colored  box.  It will say right below the amount due:  Pay Now 
6. You will now be at the page that says Make a Payment on Current  Taxes or Utilities.  Click the button next to the dollar amount that says  Pay taxes or Utilities.  You will now be at a page that gives you two  options:  You will be required to enter your credit card information to  make a payment. 
There is a 3% convenience fee to pay taxes.  The convenience fee for  utilities bills is much smaller.  This is not a fee the Township charges  but rather the credit card servicing company.